About The Power Pack Pals

Hello and thank you for coming to visit us here at Power Pack Pals!

Power Pack Pals is a new educational resource for primary school children from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.

As part of our commitment to powering our communities, we want to help young people understand how electricity works and most importantly, how to stay safe around it.


You can download our Kids’ Safety Advice leaflet here.

SSEN wants the next generation to get ‘switched on’ to safety when it comes to electricity and the Power Pack Pals are here to show them how!


Meet the Power Pack Pals

The Power Pack Pals are four great friends who we hope will spark the imagination of children and help them to understand why electricity, the ‘Magic Power’, is very important in our world but also very dangerous, and should be treated with extra special care.
Let’s meet the Power Pack gang:


Here is Professor Penelope. She knows everything there is to know about electricity and about staying safe.



This is Percy Pigeon. Check out his power pack. He works with Professor Penelope to find any problems that need to be sorted.


This is Peter. He knows how to stay out of trouble. He’s great at puzzles.



This is Polly. She’s Peter’s best friend. She loves exploring outdoors.